Saturday, April 25, 2009

BSL Opposition - Poor Job by Local Media - these are the types of people we face at bsl cases. i fought in allen park where the council women is from. she sits fartheset right on stage, she is who the attack occured against and pushed bsl out of fear. the irresponsible ownership ,being lack of proper restrant, were dogs loose from a adjoining city. in allen park council meetings it was a completely bias forum for that case. these council people had their minds made prior to any of our oppisition. (i.e friends, some good guys and gals from several orgs and most importantly allen park residents) huel perkins is also a bias host and the medias take is suppose to be a neutral 1 as you can see it is far from it. please get involved, as they pass in more cities its just that much easier to get passed in your towns using this citys bullshit model of bsl as a guide and theirs is insane. we were able to stop a total ban but the hoops these pitbull owners have to jump through are more than unfair. the study they are doing is far from accurate but will be used as gospal, stand up and fight as this fight is a battle. watch vids a couple times it'll piss you off.

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