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I found this on another board, the blog is: , and thought i'd share-------------HSUS Reconsiders Condemning Dogs Seized From Fighting Rings

Written by Marika Collins

Published on February 24th, 20095 CommentsPosted in Action & Activism

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has issued an interim policy regarding dogs victimized by dog fighting. The policy recommends that dogs be evaluated on an individual basis rather than being condemned to euthanization as a group.

The HSUS was widely criticized in recent weeks for supporting a court ruling that ordered 145 pit bulls destroyed after they were confiscated from Wildside Kennels in Wilkes County North Carolina. The dogs, which included approximately 70 puppies, were euthanized earlier this month.

According to Best Friends Animal Society, the HSUS has called a meeting of leading animal welfare organizations specifically aimed at dealing with dogs victimized by dog fighting.

The meeting, set to take place in April, was called in response to concerns raised by Best Friends regarding HSUS policies on how dogs that have been confiscated from fighting situations are dealt with.

Best Friends Animal Society loudly lamented the HSUS decision that supported the mass euthanization in the North Carolina case. They, along with several other animal welfare organizations, stepped in to save and successfully rehabilitate the majority of dogs involved in the infamous Michael Vick dog fighting case. According to Animal Planet, Vick and three others were indicted on felony charges for dog fighting activity in July, 2007. Charges included, “breeding and training fighting dogs, hosting dogfights, killing dogs considered unable to fight and traveling out of state for dog fights.”

Best Friends is currently running its campaign, Pit Bulls: Saving America’s Dogs, in an effort to educate the public about pit bulls and help save the breed’s reputation. The decision to euthanize the dogs seized in the North Carolina case is considered by Best Friends to be largely based on breed prejudice.

Hopefully good things will come out of the April meeting called by the HSUS: mainly the willingness to give these dogs a chance where before they had none. Let’s punish the people behind the crime, not the animals who are innocent victims

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Racism? Way to go PETA!!!???

CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!! . Here's also something I came across on another board, that also can be found on connected blogs to this blogs. This type of behavior shows the types of unacceptable measures these extremists will go to in the name of animals. I wonder how some of their celebirty supporters feel about this? I'm sure Russell Simmons, peta supporter, will not find it amusing along with many others. Please remember to support and check out, as we are working hard to make people aware of not only the truths about pitbulls, but also expose these orgs. ,such as hsus and peta, for what they really are.--------- FAR: PETA's protest of dog show crosses the line
Public Opinion Online


For Public Opinion
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is a great name and a great root cause.

Who doesn't want to protect our pets?

But PETA consistently shoots itself in the foot with crazy stunts to attract attention to various events or practices they deem unacceptable. For example, PETA had a campaign a few years ago, "Holocaust on a Plate," that equated slaughtering animals for food to the systematic murder of millions of Jews. In the campaign, side-by-side photographs of dying Jews and slaughtered cows were used.

The most recent marketing debacle was when PETA showed up this week at Madison Square Garden for the Westminster Dog Show wearing Ku Klux Klan uniforms.

I mean, come on, man.

We just elected our first black president, and here is a group of people that actually thinks this was a responsible thing to do -- equating the American Kennel Club (AKC) to the KKK. At the Garden, a sign read, "The KKK and the AKC: BFF?" (BFF is an abbreviation for best friends forever).

Get it? Dogs are best friends. Oooo, clever.

What PETA is ticked off about is the breeding of dogs that is supported by the AKC. In essence, PETA accuses the AKC of promoting the creation of a master race of dogs.

I mean, come on, man.

Who sits around a conference table and thinks up this stuff?

"Hey, I know. What we'll do is get some KKK uniforms and wear them at Madison Square Garden at the dog show."


Apparently nobody in the room broke out in laughter; they all nodded their heads.

Furthermore, who were the Einsteins who volunteered to wear the KKK sheets? That sounds more like a dare in a "Jackass" movie than a responsible protest. What would they have done had one of the KKK "members" been assaulted?

Conversely, what if a bunch of Aryan brothers saw the two "members" and decided to start an impromptu show of solidarity? Again, it sounds more like a scene from "Dumb and Dumber."

I wonder how many African Americans who walked by that day signed up to join PETA? That kind of imagery is very powerful to many people. Do you think someone walked by and said, "Hmm, you guys wearing the sheets seem quite ... provocative. I'd like to learn more about your cause because I enjoy dressing up like Adolf Hitler at elite youth team sport tryouts to make a similar point."

PETA spokesman Michael McGraw called the comparison to the KKK "uncomfortable" for some.


That's like saying that eating a whole Scotch Bonnet hot pepper is uncomfortable. No, it's horrific and potentially harmful.

The competitors who showed their dogs are people who care as much or more about dogs than any PETA member. These purebred dogs are better taken care of than a lot of people on the planet, and the dogs obviously enjoy the limelight.

What these people are saying is no one should buy a purebred Golden Retriever again? I know there are concerns, but I just think people have the right to choose whatever type of dog they want without a picket line.

I have a rescued mutt -- a chow-Rhodesian Ridgeback-golden retriever mix. She is the best dog I have ever owned and seems to possess all the best attributes of those breeds. Because of my own positive experience adopting from the fantastic Furry Friends Network, I would recommend that everyone buy a mixed breed rather than an AKC purebred with papers.

However, dressing up like Saddam Hussein at a local dog walk fundraiser might confuse any positive message I might have in regard to choosing mixed breeds.

Showing dogs is neither a criminal nor unethical. I wish PETA would spend more time going after the jerks out there who are truly abusing animals and humans. Go right to them. They're not hard to find. Name names.

Or better yet, express your opinion by holding a press conference. If people don't attend your press conference, then it might be time to have another meeting in the conference room and discuss why people not aligned with PETA aren't taking your arguments or causes seriously.

In PETA's mind, their stunt succeeded because people are having discussions about it. The problem is, the majority of the conversations people are having are about whether dressing up like the KKK is proper and respectful for any cause, rather than the intended subject of the negatives of pure breeding.

Things have gone too far for too long.

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