Friday, January 23, 2009

Blogger Award

We Are Just Like You - For showing the gentler, more lovable side to the American Pit Bull Terrier and trying in your own way to educate the public about responsible ownership! I want to say thank you very much for the blogger award, just trying to help the bring awareness about responsible ownership. Congrats to the others and my team. Keep up the good work to not just my team but to all of you out fighting bsl and discrimination against our breed.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Helpful Donations Needed!!!!!!!!! has long been researching and trying to get ads run which will help inform the general public not only about BSL in general but about which groups they shouldn't give their support to, like the HSUS. We have run ads in the NW Pet Gazette and the Southern Fighter News (MMA) using your donations.

Now, however, we are focusing on raising money for a radio ad campaign. Radio campaigns reach a relatively large number of people and are pretty cheap compared to print ads. Also, the station will produce the ads for free, helping keep costs down.

The HSUS has long been running ads using sad looking pit bulls to raise money which they in turn use to wipe out our breed little by little. It is time to use this tactic against them. They run radio ads telling about the mythical $5000.00 reward for dog fighting info making responsible owners the target of greedy neighbors. They also run news paper ads telling about their "accomplishments," like the recent ad touting their so called succcess in Arizona. For more info on this check stop the lies blog.

We can make a difference in this way! So many people beleive everything they hear on tv and the radio, it's time we start being what they hear. Owners, Breeders and Dogs Against Breed Discrimination has a page set up where you can donate, copy our donation meter for your website and track our progress.

Thank you to those who have donated and to those of you who are considering donating, any and all donations are greatly appreciated big or small.

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