Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Official Statement to Slander from Dogsbite.org

Here's the slanderous post and email, showing the lack of knowledge of our org.. It does show we are being noticed and our efforts have made the attentions of our targeted focus. One of our main goals is to combat the insane lies and misinformation they (HSUS) brainwash the general public about pitbulls. Our official response follows, please read and notice the manner in which they try to criminalize my friend, our ACCUSED friends, and our org. www.stop-bsl.com

I saw that you are linked to the web site www.stop-bsl.com as a sponsor. That web site purports to be for opposing pit bull bans, but actually the money they are raising is being used as defense money for dogfighters.

Please see http://www.dogsbite.org/blog/2008/12/anti-bsl-organization-stop-bslcom-gives.html for an expose on that.

I hope you will end your affiliation with this group. There are legitimate organizations fighting against pit bull bans, like the Humane Society of the United States. Groups like that deserve your support. Unfortunatley, www.stop-bsl.com is just a front to raise money for dogfighters facing criminal charges.
---------------------------------- To whom this may concern,

A recent internet slander article has drawn our attention at Stop-BSL.com. The website dogsbite.org has decided to "oust" Owners, Breeders and Dogs Against Breed Discrimination founder, Allie Renar, as a "dog fighter supporter" or something of the like. This gross misrepresentation of the facts has lead us to address you here. This email is being sent to anyone I think it may concern and will be posted on our website shortly for visitors.

Several things were written about Allie and Stop-BSL.com which are much less true than they are blatant lies.

First off the claim that this organization is some sort of cover for dog fighters is absurd. Allie has never supported dog fighting and has never said that she does. The truth is that some funds have been routed through Stop-BSL.com and donated from Allie herself to help support ACCUSED dog fighters who were beleived innocent. The supposedly great thing about American society is how you are innocent until proven guilty. In the cases which Stop-BSL's reasearch dept has taken time to find information to help the defense and money has been sent all parties were beleived innocent and had been illegal searched, violationg their Consitutional Rights. All money which went to these people was sent with the request that it reach them. It was sent through Stop-BSL.com to avoid posting personal addresses on the internet. No general donations were routed to these people or used for this cause.

The outcome of these trials and investigations has shown us why we felt we should be involved. Thus far one person plead guilty (due to threats of losing his home which he is currently investigating appealing), four were acquitted, one had his dogs returned without charges being filed and one plead no contest with no jail time served. With these type of statistics it is very hard to believe that these people did not deserve their day in court. Out of over 150 charges the HSUS and local law enforcement had come up with for seven people total only one person has plead guilty to anything. That one person plead to INTENTION TO FIGHT A DOG, which is NOT the same as ever having done it. We know many of you who do not know the background of these cases or know in depth what the HSUS and groups like dogsbite.org are doing will not understand this. For that we are sorry. However, this issue cannot be ignored. The HSUS is trying to make America a country where simply owning a dog allows them to barge in your home without a warrant. They use false allegations and missing evidence to get warrants, kill dogs and then blow it off like it never happened when no one is found guilty of anything. This issue falls squarely in the realm of our mission. We help only those people we feel are innocent from either looking at the evidence presented or from speaking to character witnesses who are willing to bet their lives these people are innocent. Five out of seven times we were right in a court of law.

We fight BSL every day and know that the number one reason it passes is fear. The HSUS and other organizations have long perpetuated the myth that only dog fighters, drug dealers and criminals own pit bulls. They continue to raid innocent dog breeders in order to further perpetuate that myth. These groups know that the acquittal will not warrant much press and the initial media frenzy is all they need to bump up their donations and get more politicians on board with BSL.. We make countless phone calls, orchestrate petitions, inform the public of REAL statistics and yes, we support innocent people with information and some funds in order to help stop the spread of this stereotype.

A largely ignored and forgotten part of fighting BSL is stopping the proponents from polluting the media any more than they already are. And, that is what we did in these cases. We provided information that John Goodwin is adimittedly not an expert on dog fighting or trained in any animal service or care field. Additionally, we provided evidence that Goodwin is a high school dropout with airtight connections to a domestic terrorism organization. This got him removed as an expert witness in several cases because he is not an expert. We helped innocent people prove that they were innocent- that is all. Those parties who were acquitted are not "known dog fighters" as dogsbite.org and the HSUS would like you to beleive. They are dog breeders who had their lives taken from them and slaughtered by pit bull hating fearmongering people and in the end were found to have done nothing wrong.

Groups such as dogsbite.org actively advocate for unfair pit bull restrictions and breed based laws. It is no wonder they would decide to slander a young non profit who is trying to stop them from perpetuating lies and passing useless laws which kill innocent pets. The Humane Society of the united states also advocated sterilizing all pit bulls and is actively offering rewards of $5000 for any information (true or not) which may lead to the senseless killing of more innocent dogs owned by good people.

We truly feel that our organization has been making waves and we have been doing more with getting people to act than we have done to raise money. This is complete retaliation to our blogs and our efforts in which have helped people at least get a fair day in court. Stop-BSL has been around about a year now and this recent attack happens only after the HSUS was embarrassed by it's own ignorance and ill preparedness in court.

As it stands we have not raised a lot of money. What we have done is created a lot of awareness and convinced a lot of people to become active in their communtiy. That is our ultimate goal. To stop BSL at it's roots, in your communities and in the minds of the public. As far as the alleged advertisement in "Scratch Back" we did not pay for this ad. It was donated by someone who saw our site and believed in our mission. As a group that does not have a war chest of money we do not turn down ads offered to us. We do not subscribe to this magazine or know the details of it's contents. Apparently the people at dogsbite.org do have the connections to the "dog fighting" world that our founder is being accused of having.

Owners, Breeders and Dogs Against Breed Discrimination

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pitbulls Working and Having Fun...

Alot of stories are spread about the types of equipment pitbull owners use to train their dogs. Treadmills, now labeled dog fighting paraphernalia, when actually there is no better way to get miles of walking done without all the time it takes. When with families, work etc., owners wouldn't have time for. Pitbulls, once use to using a treadmill love it as it's fun for this breed to work, great for conditioning them for shows and weight pulls. Other long use items used to entertain and help condition pitbulls are hides, due to it's ability not to be torn up in seconds as other toys can be, and spring poles and flirt poles with the use of tugs, ropes and hides provide great exercise and enjoyment of work to keep them happy, healthy and in great show shape. It's a shame that toys these dogs love to play with are now being used against innocent citizens in witch hunts across the country. Hell, Cesar Millan, uses treadmills as do many other breed owners but are automatic guilty charges of being a dog fighter pertain to them? NO! Doesn't make sense does it? dog toys make you a criminal???????? These toys are just different, stronger, made to take more abuse then toys for other breeds, pitbulls just like to play a little harder because they simply enjoy it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kenneling and housing responsibly....

There are many ways to responsibly house and contain pitbulls, I personally have 6ftx 6ft inside housing kennels that go out to 6ft x 10ft and 12ft outside runs for each dog. The barrel houses I use work great year round and are almost indestructible. Packed full of fresh straw frequently in the winter the dogs stay warm and cedar with a bit of flea/pest control agents during the summer keep them warm at night when temps drop and helps control fleas and other unwanted pests. i have since constructed a temp roof over the 3 kennels in the back that keeps everything nice and dry. Now the house on it's roof was a toy that this dog would beat up and kick around her kennel so I let her, kept her busy for a while.I have seen very impressive kennels set ups and yards with proper chain set ups ,using hardware appropriate for retaining a pitbull safely,that are spotless and just as nice as kennels if not nicer. Key is do right by your dogs, contain and house the right way and accidents can be avoided.

True Nanny Dogs.....

America's Nanny Dog
Tyla Hafstrom/My Word/The Times-Standard
Posted: 09/25/2007 04:27:21 AM PDT

Remember “Little House on the Prairie”? The trusted family pet “Jack the Brindle dog” was a pit bull. Jack was not the only pit bull famous for being a faithful family dog, as Helen Keller's beloved companion was also a pit bull. Then there was Petey, the dog from “The Little Rascals” who was indeed an American pit bull terrier.

It seems that many people have forgotten how America has loved this breed over time, and have forgotten that many choose this breed of dog today for a reliable and loving family dog. This was the breed that was affectionately known as “America's Nanny Dog.”

Many celebrities have chosen this wonderful breed over time, including Fred Astaire, President Roosevelt, Mary Tyler Moore, Thomas Edison, Brad Pitt, Ann Bancroft, President Woodrow Wilson, Humphrey Bogart, John Stewart and Bernadette Peters, just to name a few.

Pit bulls are loyal, stable and intelligent dogs that are eager to please, and strive to take on the behaviors that their guardians instill in them. Their behavior is a reflection of the care, training, and socialization (or lack thereof) given by their owners.

The stigma associated with the breed has been caused by careless dog owners who do not socialize or properly train their dogs. Any breed of dog that is left tied in a backyard without experiencing the outside world is bound to have issues. It also seems that careless dog owners tend to choose the pit bull in
particular, possibly due to it's “tough” reputation.

Therefore the majority of neglected, untrained dogs appear to be pit bulls. But even with all these neglected dogs, there are even more sweet, trained and well socialized pit bulls that belong to loving families. According to rigorous testing by The National Canine Temperament Testing Association, the golden retriever, poodle, border collie, English setter, German pointer and numerous other breeds are considered more likely to become aggressive than pit bulls.

The average score of the 122 breeds tested was a mere 77 percent. Pit bulls scored a 95.2 percent on these testings. (The higher the better.)

Not only have pit bulls scored extremely well on temperament tests, but they have been serving key roles in search and rescue efforts, excel in agility training and work nationwide as therapy and service dogs.

Pit bulls are highly trainable, which has been beneficial for anyone wanting a wonderful companion or service dog, but that same trait has also proven to be a downfall when the breed is exploited.

You might find this hard to believe when what is highlighted in the news regarding pit bulls seems to be negative, but there are many more positive stories concerning pit bulls than negative ones. By simply browsing the Internet, one can find an abundance of positive, reputable information about pit bulls.

Another aspect that needs to be mentioned is that most attacks by other dog breeds are misclassified as “pit bulls” by media reports. The fact is, there are far more stories of pit bulls helping, or saving lives, than endangering or ending them.

It seems that the term “pit bull” is only splashed across the headlines when the story is negative. Unfortunately, fear and negativity sells, and this breed is paying the price. If only we were to take the time to look beyond the negative hype, we would find the truth about pit bulls.

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