Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vicious pitbulls

The 2 yr old female playing with the 10 pups running around is not the mother or related but treats them like they are hers. Hard to say they're naturally blood thirsty killers when all these pups bite her face, paws, etc., to no reaction at all. Other adults were also let out to play with the pups ranging from 10 on down and the dogs act just people when kids are around, just get to playing. Thanks P for being a responsible breeder/ owner, best of luck with the pups.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Award for fighting BSL

Here's a award that the president of the AADR, presented me at the last show here in MI. I gladly share this with everyone doing their part fighting BSL in all the states and cities it is being proposed. We are targeted because of the type of dog we choose to own, and in today's day and age, the animal rights wacko and terrorist hiring government agencies have too much influence with brainwashing the the public to believe the untruths spread about pitbulls. Do your part, fight BSL locally and in other states by respectful emails, phone calls, letters, smoke signals whatever make your voice heard. Protect your rights!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unfortunate Pitbull Reality......

Though most of us who own pitbulls do the very best we can to care, house and educate people about our dogs, there are some who neglect and abuse their animals, no only pitbulls. This is used against the breed in the media to brainwash the general public to believe that all who own pitbulls are scum criminals. This could be no further from the truth. I take serious offense to this label. I, myself, have meet more honest, hard working, educated people since I got into these dogs 12+ years ago than the media hyped, stereotypical criminal type. Yes, these dogs are owned by criminal types - yes, raids happen and drugs and pitbulls are found- yes, incidents happen that people are hurt or killed by these dogs but the common denominator is always IRRESPONSIBLE OWNERS. The press never mentions any of this when reporting, why, because pitbull attack sells not irresponsible owner..... . These dogs are not the vicious man biters they are labeled, these dogs need responsible owners, period. Most attacks happen because of lack of proper restraint, also because the dog is abused and teased from very young so when loose, well, we all know the rest. This is another fact the media leaves out. We at work hard to help educate lawmakers and the general public when pushing for breed specific legislation (bsl) because bottom line there are no bad dogs just bad owners.

Kids with their friends.......


One of the many positive outlets we do with our dogs are condition them for the show ring and weight pull events. There are many classes the dogs are shown in and even a jr. handler class where kids get involved in showing their friends. These shows are a great time to talk dogs, see friends you haven't seen in awhile, meet new friends and just enjoy a positive day or two with like minded folks having a good time. The AADR, SDR and ADBA all have clubs who put on shows in several different states and then hold nationals at the end of the year, ribbons, trophies, plaques, and other prizes are awarded to the winners.

Monday, November 24, 2008

If you didn't know. . .

The truth is these dogs are no different from any others. They have teeth, tails, feet and hearts. Maybe a little more heart than some.

But they are no different except that some people have decided to target them and make them out to be monsters.

Boy's Best Friend

My son and his dog. Lucky is 22 days older then my boy. Funny how all the negative press you hear makes no sense when you really know. Vicious huh?

Not Such a Bad Dog

Soulful Images

For Love of the Dog

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The beginning

Welcome, this blog is solely a showcase and support of responsible pitbull owners showing that not everyone that owns, shows, and breeds these great dogs are not criminals. On our site, , the picture gallery has some great pictures of some of our dogs at the shows and weight pulls under local pitbull clubs and registries. Just starting this blog so check back soon, info provided will support our breed and owners as most that own pitbulls are smart, dedicated, hardworking good people that just share the same love of the breed.

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